The object of our patent consulting services is to safeguard your investment in new products and new technologies and turn these into business opportunities and increased competitiveness for you in the market.

At Plougmann & Vingtoft, we help our clients with operational, tactical, and strategic tasks when it comes to protection of their intellectual property.

We provide consultancy throughout the entire patenting process from conducting searches and analyses, preparing strategy and evaluations, to drafting and prosecution of your patent application.

Specialized industry teams
We work by a ‘best man for the job’ way of thinking, which means that we have several industry-specific teams who cooperate to provide the best level of guidance and service for our clients. We have two main industry areas: Life science & Chemistry with team leader Katja Sørensen, and Technology & Software, where our team leaders are Per. J Nygreen and Peter Sørensen.    

Business understanding
Our attorneys’ state-of-the-art technical and legal knowhow is combined with sound communication and project management skills, so they can frame and proportion the process and information individually for each client.  

We take pride in understanding the business aims of our clients and how their patents strategically fit into these aims.

Oppositions and Litigations
We offer consultancy within Oppositions and Litigations with a strong team consisting of European Patent Attorneys Kim WagnerHenrik SkødtPeter SørensenChristian Christiansen and Erik Sigh. The attorneys in this team are highly experienced and knowledgeable within this specialized part of the IPR process.

During the course of the proceedings before the European Patent Office as well as in litigation on IPR before national courts, our experience ensures that we can sort the case’s information, point out the key issues of the case, and prepare a targeted strategy in a fast and efficient manner.

Feel free to contact our qualified patent attorneys for more information about our services within patent consulting.