ECOBOTIX: Funen drone project fights insects with insects

Ecology is generally a success in Denmark, but organic farming still has its challenges. One of the major issues is that fighting pests with chemicals is not an option. Because of this, organic crops are especially vulnerable to insect infestation, which can result in severe losses of value for the farmers.

It seems, however, that a solution to the problem with harmful insect infestations is now within reach. The Funen technology startup, Ecobotix, has developed an organic drone that can transport and spread biological pesticides and thus keep the pests from eating field crops.

Anders Petersen from Ecobotix and Senior Patent Attorney, Brian Andersen, in front of Cortex Park in Odense discussing the X8+ Octocopter drone. Photo: Søren Skarby

The drone project can help ensure a more effective production as well as reduce the value loss on the farmers’ crops. Ultimately, the project will be able to contribute to lowered prices on organic products, which will then give more consumers access to organic food.

Advanced inventions must be patented

Ecobotix’ new invention is just one out of many innovative projects that place Denmark sixth on the global list of countries with the highest number of robots per employee in the industrial sector.

Experts at Plougmann Vingtoft, who are specialized in drones and robotics, have helped the startup from Funen with patenting their new, fascinating technology.

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