FILM: Exploit the advantages of a sustainable IP strategy

Every company needs a long-term IP strategy that goes hand in hand with the overall corporate strategy. This short film, which portrays our international client BioMar, gives you a glimpse of the benefits you can obtain by working strategically with IP.

The film introduces our two experienced patent attorneys, Camilla Kiørboe and Per Jørgen Nygreen, as they visit BioMar in Hirtshals near the North Sea, where one of the firm’s many test centres is located.

BioMar has undergone rapid growth and now, with billion-euro sales and market activities in more than 80 countries, they are the world’s third largest manufacturer of aquaculture feed. Their growth is a result of both their sustainable profile and their focus on developing new types of aquaculture feed and new manufacturing processes.

The IP strategy and the business must go hand in hand

As explained in the film, our advisors have helped BioMar protect their development- and research activities with patents since 2009. Additionally, we have helped maintain the firm’s “freedom-to-operate” situation, which is crucial in a constantly developing market. Today, we are not only BioMar’s ‘trusted advisor’ when it comes to IP, but also in terms of being an important contributor for creating a competitive position in their market.

We help protect and improve their market position by ensuring that BioMar’s IP strategy aligns with their long-term business strategy and corresponds to the feed industry in which the firm operates. We consider this double faceted strategical planning a prerequisite for success in all industries where both technologies and competitors are constantly moving forward.

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