Information from Plougmann Vingtoft A/S

The CEO & CFO of Plougmann Vingtoft, Annette Siewert Lindgreen, has decided to step out of her position as CEO in order to focus on business development, digitalization and the CFO responsibilities. The Board would like to thank Annette for her contribution to the company during the last several years and are happy to announce that Plougmann Vingtoft´s 2018 result is developing in a positive direction and is expected to be better than the 2017 result.

The board expects to fill the CEO position during the first half of 2019.

The board has appointed Vice Chairman, Finn S. Madsen, as interim CEO. He is educated as an E-MBA and Engineer and has vast IP experience as a previous client of Plougmann Vingtoft and as a board member. Finn S. Madsen is looking forward to cooperating with clients, employees and external partners.

For further information please call:

Chairman of the Board Nina Movin +45 51173713
Interim CEO Finn S. Madsen +45 29621748