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Patenting a technology, protecting a design, and/or registering a trademark can mean the difference between establishing a good business and watching your biggest competitor succeed with your idea. Even so, we meet many entrepreneurs who disregard Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) as a valuable investment.

We want to direct our attention to start-ups, who can benefit massively from protecting their ideas. Therefore, we have chosen to partner up with TechBBQ 2019.

With over 6,500 participants, it is the biggest startup and innovation summit in Scandinavia, and we are looking forward to experiencing the entrepreneurial spirit at close range.

More importantly, we look forward to bust some of the myths of IPR and show start-ups why thoughts about intellectual property should be a main part of their business plan.

Meet us at booth 3C whenever it fits your schedule, and make sure to join us at the following:

See you there!

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