The Unified Patent Court Agreement will be delayed

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An announcement has been made 7 June on the official website for the Unified Patent Court stating that:

…the previously announced target date for the entry into operation of the UPC, envisaged for December 2017, cannot be maintained.

The timetable for the start of entry into force of the UPC Agreement is relying on the timely finalisation of national procedures concerning the ratification of the UPC Agreement and the participation in the Protocol on Provisional Application.

In particular, the election last week in United Kingdom is a contributory factor to the delay.

Status of the ratification process is that at least 13 countries must ratify before the UPC can enter into force, including United Kingdom, Germany and France. 12 countries have so far ratified, including France. Therefore the UPC will enter into force when United Kingdom and Germany have ratified.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide you with updates when we have further news.

The UPC announcement can be found here

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