US & Japan have joined the hague system

Great news for Industrial Designs!

The United States of America and Japan have joined the Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs.

Adding two of the world’s biggest economies to a WIPO-administered registry that supports creators worldwide, the membership in the Hague System is now 64 contracting parties.

According to WIPO statistics, 7.1% of the world’s design applications were filed in 2013 with the national offices in the United States (3.8%) and Japan (3.3%). Some 12.9% of all design applications worldwide were filed by applicants from the United States (8.2%) and Japan (4.7%).

The accession of the United States and Japan is expected to boost further expansion of the Hague System and encourage other countries to consider joining the Hague Agreement.

The Hague System offers a cost-effective, efficient means of registration of industrial designs in a large number of countries, providing design owners broad geographical protection of their designs with a minimum of formality and expense. Through a single application filed with WIPO, either electronically or on paper, a design can be registered in the 64 countries and intergovernmental organizations that are members of the Hague Agreement, which is underpinned by a series of international treaties.

The international registration produces the same effect of a grant of protection in each of the designated contracting parties as if the design had been registered directly with each national office, unless protection is refused by the national office.

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Read WIPO’s press release

Photo: ©WIPO 2015, Emmanuel Berrod.