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Jakob Andersen

Legal Counsel

Master of Laws

Jakob is associated with Plougmann Vingtoft Advokatanpartsselskab as a legal consultant due to his extensive knowledge of protection and enforcement of trademarks, design and domain names, both nationally and internationally. Also, Jakob has extensive experience with IP strategy and optimization of IP portfolios.

For several periods, Jakob has been part of the ECTA’s (European Communities Trade Mark Association) Harmonization Committee, which has prepared answers and recommendations to European bodies, especially within trademark law.

Jakob also advises on marketing and copyright issues on the Internet, and has extensive knowledge and insight into dealing with online infringements, including infringements on trading platforms and in Google Adwords/Google Ads, as well as to the unauthorized use of content and images by others.

Finally, Jakob conducts presentations and workshops within IP for companies and universities alike on an ongoing basis, and has also teaching experience in the field of intellectual property law from Aalborg University.