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Do you have a great idea for an innovative product which the rest of the world should benefit from? Then it is important that you contact an experienced consultant who knows about patents and protecting your rights – and preferably before you start developing and launching the product.

When you as a startup company need to attract capital, it is a premise that the idea and product is protected through a patent and/or trademark registration. The investors simply demand it. That is why it has been crucial for us to have had professional consultants on board right from the very beginning.


– Bjarne Flou, CEO of OBI Medical

A patent application is a process which might be like entering a legal jungle full of patent technical specifications, claims and several deadlines. Our consultancy is based on many years of experience in helping start-up companies safely through the patent process.

We are ready to give you advice

Ensuring your rights is an investment in the future of your company. Our experts have thorough knowledge of different areas of technology and they can also help you look into the possibilities of using the patent so that you can generate profit therefrom.

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On this page, you can also find links to start-up cases, read more about our counselling, and why it is important to ensure the rights of your idea as early as possible during the product development.

We would like to help you with your patent application

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Patent counselling is an important investment

With professional patent counselling, you can protect your innovative ideas and inventions, avoid infringing existing rights and not least attract investors who might help boost your company.

Studies show that companies that focus on protecting their IP rights, do better in terms of turnover, gross profit and added value compared to companies that do not focus on IP rights. Therefore, it is important that you right from the beginning make a plan for how you work with and relate to your intellectual rights.

Make patent counselling part of the development of your product from the beginning

Before you start developing your product, you must investigate whether you might infringe existing rights. When you have determined your scope, you must find out how you wish to protect your product and name. Without this protection, you risk that others will copy your product or that others will be faster than you at applying for a patent covering a similar invention.

Our consultants help you investigate whether there are any rights in Denmark or abroad which might prevent the use of your business idea. We also help you prepare a long-term strategy which protects your product in the best possible way.

Examples of our patent counselling services:


  • Novelty search – Avoid wasting time and money or infringing existing rights
    We investigate whether your product or idea is really new. Maybe others have already patented a similar product or a similar technology.
  • Drafting and filing patent applications
    If your idea is new, it is important to protect your rights. We can draft the application.
  • Strategical analysis of the business potential of the idea
    E.g. a freedom-to-operate analysis which will give you an overview of whether a product can be introduced without problems on a given market, or whether the product is possibly covered by someone else’s rights.
  • Conflicts, infringements, oppositions and lawsuits
    Have your IPR protected products or ideas been infringed? Do you want to file oppositions against someone else’s rights? Do you want to file a lawsuit? Our patent consultants are very experienced in conducting all kinds of national and international conflict cases.

We adjust our counselling to your company

Naturally, our level of counselling varies depending on whether we give advice to a large, multinational company or entrepreneurs with limited financial latitude. Therefore, we will draw up a flexible process and adjust our counselling so that it meets your needs exactly.

A good example of our counselling of an entrepreneur company is the assignment we solved for the two entrepreneurs Jonas and Nikolaj who own the design company Mono+Mono. Read the case story here

Strategic patent counselling attracts investors

When patents have been part of and arranged for at an early point, it creates safety in terms of the future of the project. It sends an important signal to potential investors and it shows that you have a professional approach towards your product, and this thereby increases your possibilities of raising funds.

At first sight, patents and patent counselling for a start-up company may look like an expensive and initially unnecessary investment, but the chance of attracting strong investors increases significantly, if a company protects its technology at an early point.

Patents helped Libratone Off To a Flying Start

We counselled Libratone on patents and trademarks. Libratone made it their priority to work strategically with IPR, which was important to their establishment as a brand in a field of strong, well-established competitors.

The fact that Libratone patented their products paved the way for a lucrative collaboration with Apple, and their strategic focus on IPR turned out to be crucial to the development of their business and the company’s market value.

Read how we helped Libratone off to a flying start and set them on their exciting growth adventure


We would like to help you with your patent application

Please avoid using this form for concerns about ongoing cases. Instead, contact your Plougmann Vingtoft expert directly.
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