Here is why you need to create a strategy for protecting your trademarks

With a strategy in hand for trademark protection, you will have a long-term plan and the right tools to handle possible future infringement. 

Whether you have one or several trademarks, you will always be faced with a number of choices and decisions, when it comes to securing your rights. Which rights do you want to protect? In what countries? How are you going to check that your rights are not being infringed? And how is your company going to handle the situation, if infringement happens?

With the help from our trademark consultants you can get a tailored, long-term strategy in place for your trademark. Our experts are with you the whole way, handling your case through the application and examination process, providing you with legal advice and working as your sparring partner.

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Read on and get our six tips for protecting your trademark.

6 tips on how to protect your trademarks

Popular trademarks will always be at risk of being copied, and both copying and misuse can be very difficult to prevent from happening. However, there are a number of precautionary measures that you can take in order to secure your rights and products.

1. Create a long-term strategy for your trademark protection

Regardless, if you’re seeking a trademark protection in Denmark, an EU trademark or an international trademark, it is always important to have a plan for how to best protect your rights. In short: Make a trademark strategy.

2. Register your trademarks and designs

In order to enforce your rights, you need to register your trademarks and designs. If your products are protected by strong trademark and design rights, then the odds will better favor you in a possible infringement case.

3. Keep an eye on your products

Keep a watchful eye on the marked and the use of your trademark. It’s wise to keep updated, e.g. by way of the Internet, on whether others are copying, selling and/or marketing your products.

4. Set up a trademark watch

We can set up a watch of your trademark that enables you to act quickly in the event of copiers trying to register your trademark or a similar mark in other countries.

5. Set up a customs surveillance

Most counterfeit goods are manufactured outside the EU. We therefore recommend that you establish a customs surveillance of your products. We can create a customs surveillance that applies to products either imported to Denmark or to all EU countries. A customs surveillance is an important tool when dealing with counterfeit goods, because through the surveillance we will know, if customs are detaining products suspected of being fake. When the goods have been identified as counterfeit they are most often destroyed. Thus, a customs surveillance gives you the opportunity to hinder the import of counterfeit goods to Europe – before it’s too late and the products hit the market.

6. Establish a policy for how your company handles copying or misuse

No company should tolerate copying or misuse of protected trademarks. Therefore, it’s important to decide in advance how to react in the event that someone infringes your trademark. There is always the risk of becoming highly unpopular, when trying to protect a trademark right, and you might even end up in a so-called “shitstorm” on social media. But the important thing is not being thrown into a “shitstorm”, the important thing is that you protect your trademark and then how you subsequently handle the adversity. Naturally, we ALSO recommend that you establish a policy for handling social media in the event of your trademark being copied or misused.

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