Attract investors with a trademark registration

With a registered trademark, you show that your company is a serious and professional player in the market.

“Does it have trademark protection?” This is typically one of the first questions that a potential investor asks when a newly started company seeks financing. Without a trademark registration, it is far more difficult to convince potential investors to invest in your company and not someone else’s. If you don’t believe enough in your company and its future to protect its trademarks, then why should an investor?

But what is it exactly that you need to register as a trademark and in what countries? Is it your company name, product name, logo, or design? And is it necessary to register everything all at once? The highly experienced consultants at Plougmann Vingtoft can help you create a strategy for trademark protection that will strengthen your position when it comes to dealing with potential investors.

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On this page, you can read more about our work, and learn why it is important to protect your trademark rights.

You can also read more about the rights that you obtain with a trademark registration, and how they will benefit you in both the short and long run.

Do you know what you can register as a trademark? If not, then see here: What is a Trademark?

Benefits of registering a trademark

Registering your trademark is the first step towards protecting it. Some of the benefits of registering a name or a logo are:

  • If you wish to sell your idea or product, a trademark registration strengthens your position in the negotiations.
  • A trademark registration boosts recognizability and strengthens your position on the market.
  • From the very day you file the application, you obtain exclusive rights to the trademark, provided that no one files an opposition during the application period
  • A trademark registration gives you an exclusive right that is in force for up to five years, during which time you are not forced to actively use the mark. In other words, a registration gives you plenty of time to plan both your company’s marketing and business strategies
  • When registering your trademark, you receive verification of your exclusive rights, and a confirmation from the authority in question that your trademark is distinctive and unique
  • A trademark is forever – provided that you use it actively, and renew your registration every 10 years.

Where should you register your trademarks?

To begin with, you should register your trademarks in the countries, where your company has commercial interests, i.e. countries where:

  • You manufacture the goods
  • You sell the goods (or services)
  • Your head office is located

Imagine that you have registered your trademark in Denmark, because that is where your goods are to be sold, but your goods are manufactured in China, where you have not registered your trademark. In this case, you are at risk of someone else registering your trademark in the country of production (especially in China), which forces you to buy back the trademark at a higher price.

It is crucial that you prepare a meticulous strategy for protecting your trademark – preferably and advantageously with the help from a professional trademark expert.

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