TALK: on owning the rights to your ideas – and why it matters

Owning the rights to your ideas is crucial for business development. It is your way of protecting the core assets of your firm and enhancing valuation. Further, it can promote innovation, since it buys you time to advance your idea.

Next week at TechBBQ, we will be hosting a debate on this exact subject.

We have invited two experienced investors from DanBAN (Danish Business Angels), who will provide their perspectives on IPR in terms of valuation and funding. Senior Partner at Optiteam, Kim Neel Wyon, brings along his knowledge about investment, business development and validation that helps start-ups excel. Sune Alstrup is the founder of byFounders Collective and a board member at Nextmind, he will share his experience with tech investments and entrepreneurship.

Further, we have invited Mikael Söderberg, who is the CTO at VOI. He will be sharing his thoughts on IPR in terms of business development. Our CEO, Finn Strøm Madsen, will be there to nuance (and kill) the myths of IPR.

When we are not hosting the TALK, you can find us in booth 3C.

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