vaccine patents

3 reasons why politicians should not waive vaccine patents

Would it be an advantage to waive vaccine patents? The idea may sound attractive, but the short answer is no, and here is why […]

Charlotte Søsted appointed partner at Plougmann Vingtoft

Plougmann Vingtoft expands the circle of partners as they welcome Charlotte Søsted, Head of IP Administration.

MATTER: Widely applicable technology makes patenting a matter of scope

Norwegian Matter managed to secure a European patent with the broadest possible scope for their mineral technology. Read more […]

domain name fraud

Warning regarding domain name fraud attempts

The number of e-mails attempting domain name fraud is increasing. Here, you will find a few tips on how to identify and handle domain name fraud attempts […]

Easter holiday notice

During the Easter holiday April 1 – 5 (both days included) all of our offices will be closed. Read more […]

Patents in China – a new chapter

In 2008, a lucrative patent subsidies system was introduced in China to boost research and technological development. Read more […]

IPR Rådgivning

IPR consulting combined with business insights

Good IPR consulting reaches far beyond the drafting of a patent application and should be considered in the early-stage product development. Read more […]


IPR as key part of life science startup IsoFirms

IsoFirms has made a surprising discovery and created a strong platform for the commercialization of a new ingredient, Isosteviol […]


WTR recommends Plougmann Vingtoft

WTR speaks highly of Plougmann Vingtoft, and special credit falls upon trademark experts, Ellen Breddam & Henriette V. Rasch […]


Companies consider patents too late

Patenting is a competitive parameter for Danish and other companies. However, still too few SME’s prioritize IP rights […]