OVERVIEW: COVID-19 measures taken by patent and trademark offices

Click here to find an overview of the measures taken by different patent and trademark offices due to COVID-19 […]

IP goes hand in hand with marketing and business strategy

“IP rights are not supposed to just collect dust in a drawer,” says Lasse Dahlerup marketing and sales manager at FrugtKurven […]

Fraudulent invoicing

Watch out for fraudulent invoicing

Er fupregninger et stigende problem i din virksomhed? Flere af vores kunder har gennem den seneste tid oplevet en stigning i antallet af falske breve og fakturaer for IPR-relaterede ydelser. Læs her, hvad du skal være opmærksom på, når du modtager post […]

Your brand matters

The brand name is an important part of a company’s public appearance as well as its access to market shares […]

Fashion week is on – is your brand safe?

Fashion week is all over Copenhagen. Designers are ready to introduce new brands and designs – but do the fashion brands have their IP rights covered? […]

oral proceedings epo

Oral proceedings by videoconference at PV premises

Plougmann Vingtoft’s clients will now be able to attend interviews and participate in oral proceedings before the EPO by videoconference. Read more […]


RULING: SPCs are not available for new uses of already authorised medicines

The CJEU has reached a decision in Santen C-673/18, relating to whether an SPC may be granted for a new use of an already authorised medicinal product […]

PRECURE: Smart wearables break bad habits

The Danish start-up PRECURE introduces smart elbow sleeves that can help prevent work-related injuries and improve the general work environment. Read more […]

MICROSHADE: A new standard for solar shading

MicroShade has developed a transparent and energy efficient shading system that does not compromise the access to daylight and a good view. Read more […]

Plants and animals are not patentable after all

Decisions about patentability of plants and animals have gone back and forth over the last couple of years. Read more […]