domain name fraud

Warning regarding domain name fraud attempts

The number of e-mails attempting domain name fraud is increasing. Here, you will find a few tips on how to identify and handle domain name fraud attempts […]

Easter holiday notice

During the Easter holiday April 1 – 5 (both days included) all of our offices will be closed. Read more […]

Patents in China – a new chapter

In 2008, a lucrative patent subsidies system was introduced in China to boost research and technological development. Read more […]

IPR Rådgivning

IPR consulting combined with business insights

Good IPR consulting reaches far beyond the drafting of a patent application and should be considered in the early-stage product development. Read more […]


IPR as key part of life science startup IsoFirms

IsoFirms has made a surprising discovery and created a strong platform for the commercialization of a new ingredient, Isosteviol […]


WTR recommends Plougmann Vingtoft

WTR speaks highly of Plougmann Vingtoft, and special credit falls upon trademark experts, Ellen Breddam & Henriette V. Rasch […]


Companies consider patents too late

Patenting is a competitive parameter for Danish and other companies. However, still too few SME’s prioritize IP rights […]


EU Fund to help SMEs capitalise on IPR

New “Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund” will support SMEs in the process of protecting their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) […]


30 months to find out if the good idea is good enough

A 3D-printed mini vacuum conveyor has grown from an idea sitting in a desk drawer to a potential international success for Andertech […]

OVERVIEW: COVID-19 measures taken by patent and trademark offices

Click here to find an overview of the measures taken by different patent and trademark offices due to COVID-19 […]