EU Fund to help SMEs capitalise on IPR

New “Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund” will support SMEs in the process of protecting their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) […]


30 months to find out if the good idea is good enough

A 3D-printed mini vacuum conveyor has grown from an idea sitting in a desk drawer to a potential international success for Andertech […]

OVERVIEW: COVID-19 measures taken by patent and trademark offices

Click here to find an overview of the measures taken by different patent and trademark offices due to COVID-19 […]

EU trademark

Brexit’s effect on trademarks and designs covering EU

On 31 December 2020, the transition period after Brexit ends for the UK. What happens when the UK leaves? […]

Blue Cell

Blue Cell Therapeutics: Protect your good ideas in time

Biotech firm, Blue Cell Therapeutics, has timely applied for a patent on its stem cell-based method of giving back potency to men […]

IP goes hand in hand with marketing and business strategy

“IP rights are not supposed to just collect dust in a drawer,” says Lasse Dahlerup marketing and sales manager at FrugtKurven […]

Fraudulent invoicing

Watch out for fraudulent invoicing

Er fupregninger et stigende problem i din virksomhed? Flere af vores kunder har gennem den seneste tid oplevet en stigning i antallet af falske breve og fakturaer for IPR-relaterede ydelser. Læs her, hvad du skal være opmærksom på, når du modtager post […]

Your brand matters

The brand name is an important part of a company’s public appearance as well as its access to market shares […]

Fashion week is on – is your brand safe?

Fashion week is all over Copenhagen. Designers are ready to introduce new brands and designs – but do the fashion brands have their IP rights covered? […]

oral proceedings epo

Oral proceedings by videoconference at PV premises

Plougmann Vingtoft’s clients will now be able to attend interviews and participate in oral proceedings before the EPO by videoconference. Read more […]