IP Matters competition

IP competition paves the way for start-ups working to improve the world

Plougmann Vingtoft’s annual competition for IP consulting worth DKK 50,000 adds value and gives peace of mind to previous winners.

SkyTEM: Protected technology roars ahead

Only few Danish technology firms remember to protect their ideas. Danish SkyTEM is the exception that proves the rule […]

Green krill fishing technology strongly protected in international waters

We patented HARVISH® in coastal countries with strong fishing industries from which such a technology could be launched […]

3 reasons why startups must be in control of their IP rights before they raise money

DanBAN investor Kim Neel Wyon gives you 3 good reasons why IP rights can boost your options when your startup raises money […]

Innovation Is Good – Protected Innovation Is Better

You must think not only of innovating, but also of protecting your concept if the innovative idea is to become a viable business concept […]

Charlotte Søsted appointed partner at Plougmann Vingtoft

Plougmann Vingtoft expands the circle of partners as they welcome Charlotte Søsted, Head of IP Administration.

MATTER: Widely applicable technology makes patenting a matter of scope

Norwegian Matter managed to secure a European patent with the broadest possible scope for their mineral technology. Read more […]

domain name fraud

Warning regarding domain name fraud attempts

The number of e-mails attempting domain name fraud is increasing. Here, you will find a few tips on how to identify and handle domain name fraud attempts […]

Patents in China – a new chapter

In 2008, a lucrative patent subsidies system was introduced in China to boost research and technological development. Read more […]

Managing Intellectual Property

IPR consulting combined with business insights

Good IPR consulting reaches far beyond the drafting of a patent application and should be considered in the early-stage product development. Read more […]