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This is why you should register your designs

Registered design protection is an easy and straightforward way to avoid copycats and make financial returns on your ideas. Read about the three best reasons for you to get started right away.


Meet us at the upcoming INTA virtual+ annual meeting

Meet our experts Ellen Breddam and Stine Sønstebø at this year’s INTA annual meeting virtual+ and the in-person conference in Berlin […]

China strikes back

Thinking of filing a trademark in China? Then there are a few crucial differences you should be aware of. Get the overview here […]

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Meet us at the upcoming ECTA conference in Vienna

Meet our Head of Legal Norway, Stine Sønstebø, at the upcoming ECTA Annual Conference in Vienna, Austria on Oct. 21-22 […]

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EUIPO ups its anti-counterfeiting efforts online

The EUIPO now puts anti-counterfeiting on the agenda with a new list of IP protection tools on e-commerce platforms. Read more […]

Uvisa Health - the winners of IP Matters 2021

Uvisa Health wins IP Matters 2021

Every year through to 2030, Plougmann Vingtoft donates IP consulting in conjunction with DanBan to a start-up that we consider to be able to influence one or more of the UN SDGs. This year’s winner has just been announced.

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All you need to know about Power-to-X patents

Companies and governments currently invest billions of dollars in Power-to-X and other green technologies. In this article, you will find advice on what to do when you want to patent a Power-to-X technology.


Can you use other people’s INSTAGRAM® photos?

What are the rules for using and sharing other people’s content from INSTAGRAM® and other social media platforms? Get the answer here […]

Guide: How to find out if your idea needs protection

Do you know if your idea needs protection, and what do you need to know before pitching to an investor? Check out our five-step guide to find out […]


Champagne comes from France, right?

The discussion about the rights to the term ‘champagne’ has been set right aflame after Putin signed a new law that gives Russian winemakers the sole right to the appellation champagne in Russia. The new law puts French champagne producers in a tough situation in Russia. But what are the rules for geographical indications actually?