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The center of gravity in your digital camera

Phase One is behind the technology that makes the pictures on a phone turn the right way. The invention was patented with the help from Plougmann Vingtoft. Read more […]

The rotating Tower of Babel

On a field just outside of Roskilde, Vestas is testing their new project called ‘Babylon’. Plougmann Vingtoft has helped Vestas patent this new, exciting technology. Read more […]

Setting the tone in sound design

In collaboration with Plougmann Vingtoft’s patent attorneys, the loudspeaker company, Libratone, formed a strategy that targeted patents, design protection and trademarks. Read more […]

”Do you want to Skype?”

With help from Plougmann Vingtoft, Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström patented the peer-to-peer-technology behind Skype. Read more […]

The little pill that makes a world of difference

In the 1990s Bayer AG decided to develop a new birth control pill, which Plougmann Vingtoft helped the pharmaceutical company patent. Read more […]

The genetically engineered one-day wonder that won out

40 year ago, patents were not something that you worked with strategically at universities, but this was changed by the founder of Plougmann Vingtoft. Read more […]

When yogurt became wine

In the 1980s, Chr. Hansen patented a series of unique bacterial cultures with help from Plougmann Vingtoft. Read more […]

A New Wind Blowing in the Wind Energy Industry

Just north of Bergen, Norway, a bunch of wind enthusiasts are on a path to revolutionise the wind energy industry with something as seemingly simple as kites. Read more […]