Innovative inhaler nominated for Danish Design Awards 2019

45 finalists in 11 categories are currently competing for a spot on stage at this year’s Danish Design Awards. We are proud to announce that our client BalancAir is among the nominees in the category healthy life

Danish Design Awards is a tribute to Danish design products that create value for industry and society. It could be design that makes us work smarter, strengthens learning processes or introduces new alternatives in the health industry. In the category healthy life, BalancAir is nominated for their REHALER, which can reduce migraine attacks without the use of medication.

User-defined balance

Migraine is a widespread condition that often requires medication. However, research has shown that in some cases the right balance between fresh air and exhaled air can slow down a migraine attack. This is due to the fact that migraine is a result of lack of oxygen and energy in the brain.

REHALER is a device that can monitor the individual user and find the right balance between fresh air and exhaled air. This balance is needed to increase the level of oxygen and energy in the brain of the user. An app is used to guide the user through the self-treatment.

Natural and easy to use

As patients quickly become ill if the migraine attack is not treated, it is important to have a user-friendly product. REHALER is designed to help you in a quick and easy way without risking the side effects of medicine, which is part of the reason why Danish Design Awards has recognized the device:

Non-medical treatments for migraine have been on the market for some time, but this design solution makes the treatment practical and eliminates the side effects of medicine in a simple and natural way.

Danish Design Awards

The award ceremony will take place on May 13, 2019. You can read more about the Danish Design Awards here.

IPR protection as a business strategy

At Plougmann Vingtoft, we are proud to have assisted BalancAir with intellectual property protection. The work has resulted in a threefold IPR strategy, which protects both design and trademark as well as patent.

“It was important to set up a strong IPR strategy that could prepare BalancAir to send their product to the market and achieve success – also in the long run,” says Henriette Vængesgaard Rasch, European Trademark & Design Attorney at Plougmann Vingtoft.

If you have control over your rights, it is easier to attract and retain investors. Further, it is beneficial in the product development phase to be able to share knowledge and methods with others without worrying that your ideas are copied.

Are you the next nominee?

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