IP Administration

Management of deadlines, case files and other IP related tasks can be a complex and time-consuming assignment. Our paralegals handle all matters concerning the administration of your IP portfolios.

Our team of skilled IP paralegals has correspondence with clients, patent and trademark authorities and global colleagues about the many important administrative questions which arise in connection with IP processes.

Our paralegals have many years of professional experiences with IP administrative work and handle diverse IP portfolios for a large number of clients.

Our IP administration services include:

  • Administration of all statutory deadlines
  • Submission of entries to patent and trademark authorities
  • Preparation of instructions for global colleagues
  • Preparation of progress reports for the client and an overview of annual expenses
  • Other administrative tasks such as submission, prosecution, and issuing of IP rights

Outsourcing your IP administration

Outsourcing your IP administration means that you leave your administrative IP tasks to us, leaving you with more personnel resources and time to focus on strategically important IP tasks.

We adapt the capacity and the competences you need regularly. And if you only need our assistance once or in a fixed-term period, we can of course establish an ad hoc collaboration as well.

EP Validation

Plougmann Vingtoft is Denmark’s leading firm when it comes to EP validation services in Denmark, providing a high-quality, cost-effective solution for validating granted European patents.

Our experienced team of paralegals and attorneys have excellent translation, editing and proofreading skills and provide expert translations and complete national validation requirements accurately and on time.

We also service clients in the validation process in Norway and Sweden.

IP Online

Our IP portfolio management tool, “IP Online” provides you with online access to all your cases. The cases are continuously updated and you have 24 hour access to all your cases in the system.

Among other things, IP Online allows you to:

  • get an overview of your patent and trademark families
  • see your expenses compared to your budget
  • get insight into the case stories and each document
  • be notified about time limits and make new ones
  • extract management reports

IP Substitute

For companies with large IP portfolios the availability of IP administrative staff is vital. We offer an IP substitute arrangement where our paralegals work on site at your company during periods of absence or busyness to help you maintain the overview of your IP portfolios.

View our team of IP paralegals under Experts or contact Helle Lerche Neergaard on 33 63 93 82 or hln@pv.eu if you have questions regarding IP Administration.


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