IP Commercialization

IP commercialization means turning ideas into business by transforming an idea or invention into an object for buying and selling. But the route to commercialization can be complex.

How can your business generate value from new technology?

Whether you are developing a new product or considering investing in an early stage technology, you can usually benefit from a second opinion on the commercial potential of a candidate/emerging technology.

Plougmann Vingtoft offers reviewing of both a technology’s competitiveness and its adaptation to the market. Thus, we provide an independent assessment that can support your company in
defining the future strategy for the exploitation of the technology.

Our in-depth commercial analysis also creates unique advantages for investors to select those early stage technologies which have the best market and sales potential.

Our combined IP and commercialization services help you all the way

What makes our methodology unique, is the well-established collaboration between commercialization professionals and top-level IP legal and technical experts in all aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.

We employ a large team of dedicated and highly specialised IP consultants, including 19 European Patent Attorneys and an equal number of experienced paralegals.

This means that we can handpick the best team to suit our clients and their individual needs.

Thus we both support our clients’ commercialization activities and help protect and strengthen a company’s ideas and inventions.

A top choice also for technology transfer…

We have more than 40 years of experience in assisting universities in protecting and commercializing their inventions. It is our mission to strengthen our university clients’ technology transfer activities thus making them more attractive to their partners. We focus on delivering resource-efficient advice for our clients. Over the years, our team of consultants have worked with hundreds of projects for more than 25 universities in Europe.

For more information about our university services, please click here or visit tto.eu


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