BalancAir has received Danish Design Award 2019

We are pleased to announce that our client BalancAir has received Danish Design Award in the category ‘Healthy life’. The award is a tribute to Danish design products. This could be design that makes us work smarter, strengthens learning processes or introduces new alternatives in the health industry. 

Monday, May 13, 2019, the Danish Design Award show was launched in Industriens Hus in Copenhagen, and BalancAir could celebrate a victory. BalancAir was nominated for their product REHALER, which can reduce migraine attacks without the use of medication.

The jury had the following comment:

This is a high-quality design solution for a very widespread condition. Although this non-medicinal treatment method has been known for some time, this design-led solution makes it practical. There is potential for a huge economic impact from this, let alone the relief it will give to people.

Congratulations on the design award from Plougmann Vingtoft. 

Read more about the product and the nomination