EU Fund to help SMEs capitalise on IPR

The ‘Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund’ is a new initiative supported by the European Commission and the EUIPO, which will support SMEs in the process of protecting their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

The European Commission recently published a new Action Plan on Intellectual Property to help companies, especially small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), to make the most of their inventions and creations.

Boosting the uptake of IP by SMEs is one of the key focus areas of the Action Plan, and a new SME Fund has been set up to do just that.

According to the EUIPO (European Intellectual Property Office): “Each SME can be reimbursed up to a maximum of 1500 Euros. Covering IP pre-diagnostic services (IP scan) and/or trademark and design applications” (source: EUIPO).

First come, first served

The first application window opens on 11 January 2021 and closes on 31 January 2020. However, applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis and the window will close in the event that the available budget is met.

Read more about applications deadlines and general guidelines here

Ask our experts

If you are part of an SME that fits the definition, you are more than welcome to contact our experts for advice on what service(s) to apply for.