Oral proceedings by videoconference at PV premises

Plougmann Vingtoft has set up new digital tools at their Danish premises, which allow clients and IP attorneys to be present at oral proceedings before the EPO by videoconference – an alternative to face-to-face proceedings that may be the future standard.

Since 4 May 2020, the EPO (European Patent Office) has been conducting pilot projects for proceedings by videoconference (ViCo), and it recently published the final guidelines as well as a list of technical requirements for the setup.

In connection to this, the EPO stated that oral proceedings held by  videoconference have proven to be “an equally effective, popular and sustainable alternative to face-to-face proceedings at EPO premises,” (Source: EPO)

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The EPO concluded that “oral proceedings before the opposition divisions may be held by videoconference if all parties as well as the division agree, and if the proceedings do not require the taking of evidence or – for the time being – interpretation.”

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Consequently, Plougmann Vingtoft has set up new digital tools at its premises in Aarhus and Hellerup (Copenhagen), which enable IP attorneys and their clients to participate in oral proceedings directly from the two Danish offices.  

Oral proceedings by videoconference may be the future standard

As of today, Plougmann Vingtoft’s clients will thus have access to digital tools that comply with the official guidelines from the EPO, and they will be able to attend interviews and participate in proceedings before the EPO by videoconference.

Head of Opposition and Litigation at Plougmann Vingtoft, Kim Wagner, says:

“Oral proceedings by ViCo are still optional, but for some of our clients it represents an attractive alternative to face-to-face proceedings. Moreover, as Information Technology continues to develop, this may be the future standard for conducting oral proceedings.”

The IP attorneys at Plougmann Vingtoft look forward to resuming cases before the EPO and to doing so in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.