Fashion week is on – is your brand safe?

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Fashion week is all over Copenhagen and designers are once again ready to introduce new brands and designs. Collections, press kits and posts on social media are on point – but do the fashion brands have their IP rights covered?

As you get ready to introduce your new brand, the unexpected happens. Someone tells you there is a product on the market, which is being sold under a brand that sounds similar to yours.

Or worse, you already started marketing your designs internationally when you receive a letter in which a lawyer asks you to change the name of your firm because you are infringing on someone else’s IP (Intellectual Property).

Collection, press kits and social media posts now need to be significantly changed.

Understand the playing field and secure your rights

Unfortunately, it happens frequently that entrepreneurs bring new products to market without thinking about IP. They forget to look into their so called freedom-to-operate and make sure that they are not infringing on someone else’s registered trademarks, designs etc.

However, the success of a brand often depends on IP, including copyright, trademark- and design registrations. When a company has secured the rights to their brand, they are in a strong position to fight copycats.

In other words, it is important to understand the playing field of the IP system before you introduce new brands and designs to the world. This goes for brands going to fashion week as well as for all other industries that feed on creativity and entrepreneurship.

IP as a part of the brand strategy

The Danish fashion brand, erfurt luxury accessories®, is a good example of a firm that considers IP a part of the overall brand strategy.

Designer Lotte Erfurt Hjorth says that securing the IP is fundamental for business. With IP rights in place, she and her team can market erfurt luxury accessories® without hesitation.

Fashion Week - is your brand safe?
Photo: erfurt luxury accessories®

“Considering our aim to make erfurt luxury accessories® an international brand, it was important for us to secure our IP rights. We’ve spent more than 20 years building our brand internationally and it is now registered in 39 different countries,” she says.

In cooperation with Plougmann Vingtoft’s Head of Trademarks, Ellen Breddam, Lotte Erfurt Hjorth and her team have secured their fashion brand and logo in Europe, Asia and the US. For them it was important to prioritize professional IP consultancy.

“Working with IP requires specialist knowledge, which is why it was important for us to obtain professional consulting on the matter. We are looking back at a great cooperation with Ellen Breddam and Plougmann Vingtoft,” says Lotte Erfurt Hjorth.

With a bulletproof trademark strategy and several international registrations, erfurt luxury accessories® is in a strong position if they ever encounter copycats.

IP rights increase the market value of your brand

An IP strategy not only secures your brand against copycats at fashion week, it is also important if you ever want to sell your business or parts of it as a trademark or design registration increases the value of your business.

You are welcome to contact Plougmann Vingtoft’s brand experts for a non-committal talk about your options if you are interested in protecting your business and benefitting from your IP.