Plougmann Vingtoft A/S in significant growth

The results for 2018 are now public. The revenue was DKK 111.9m – a growth of approximately 5% – and the profit was DKK 5.5m – an increase of DKK 2.2m compared to 2017. The growth is due to a significantly higher demand on Plougmann Vingtoft’s experts and services.

In addition, the result shows progress in all business areas and countries, which is due to a greater demand from existing clients and expansion of our client portfolio.

In 2019, growth continues. To be able to keep up with the demand, Plougmann Vingtoft hired six new employees in Copenhagen and Aarhus in the first four months of 2019. We predict a result in 2019 that matches the result from 2018.

We thank all employees for their huge efforts and we thank our clients for great collaboration.