International IP Consulting

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In today’s global world of business, many companies need customized IP guidance and commercial advice when they venture into new markets and consequently new IP law practices.

At Plougmann Vingtoft we have an international profile with offices located across Europe and a vast network of global cooperation partners. This enables us to service clients in any part of the world, both directly and through international agents.

We are also able to service our national clients when they need advice and expertise in international matters.

IP Attorneys with international expertise

We employ IP attorneys from many parts of the world, including US as well as Japanese patent attorneys. Several of our attorneys are members of various international associations and regularly participate in conferences worldwide – all of which contribute to maintaining and developing a strong, international network of cooperation partners.

As many of our clients are international companies, we have strong competencies within international IP practice. For example, we have in-house expertise in Japanese patent practice rooted in our Asian Desk, which has almost ten years of experience in assisting both Japanese companies applying for patents in Europe and European companies entering the Japanese IP market.


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