Asian Desk

Asia is one of the fastest growing IP markets in the world. Plougmann Vingtoft’s Asian Desk specializes in helping Asian clients protect their business when entering the European market and vice versa.

Strategic advice on European IP legislation

While a cultural understanding is one aspect to take into account when entering the European market, it is also important for Asian clients to have a coherent strategy and understanding of the IP system in the region.

Our Asian Desk team collaborates on incoming cases from Asia with a special focus on Japanese, Chinese, and South Korean companies. Our IP attorneys have extensive experience in handling foreign PCT filings and applications.

In-depth knowledge of Asian IPR

In contrast to the Western business style, where business comes first, the foundation of a good business partnership in Asia starts with mutual trust and interest in the other’s success.

Plougmann Vingtoft’s Asian desk assists clients in understanding the business style and IP system in Asia.

When reaching out to our Asian Desk, you will meet Japanese Patent Attorney Shinji Okayama, and European Patent Attorney Lasse Ringhofer. Together, they help European firms obtain strong market positions in Asia

Contact Asian Desk

Whether your business is already operating in Asia or you are exploring the potential of opening up to a new market, our Asian Desk can provide you with key insights and considerations for each nation.

If you want to know more about our Asian Desk or want to set up a meeting, feel free to contact Shinji Okayama or Lasse Ringhofer.