Artificial Intelligence

As more companies start using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their operations, questions and legal considerations arise: Can one protect artificial intelligence? Who owns the data in question? How do we deal with copyrights, if the machine has made the piece?

With its ability to act on prior experience, AI is an abstract matter. However, legislation in the field thus far easily accommodates digital developments like these.

AI falls within the legal framework that applies to the protection of traditional software. Therefore, in addition to copyright protection, it is possible to patent programs in which Artificial Intelligence is involved.

A good example of patented AI can be found at Danish firm Cercare Medical. In collaboration with Plougmann Vingtoft’s IP attorneys, Cercare Medical has obtained a patent for ‘Cercare Medical Neurosuite’, which is a program that helps physicians analyse brain scan images based on algorithmic Artificial Intelligence.

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