Brazil has joined the Haag Design System

On February 13, Brazil deposited its instrument of accession to the 1999 Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement and when the Act enters into force in Brazil August 1, it will extend the WIPO’s (World Intellectual Property Organization) international design system to 96 countries.

With a population of more than 200 million and a GDP of $1.6 trillion, Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America. Thus, Brazil’s entry will strengthen the Hague System’s ability to secure global design protection for the member states with just a single application.

This means that as a designer or a business owner you will be able to secure international design protection in Brazil through WIPO’s Hague System, which will make it easier to expand the business to Latin America.

It also means that as a designer or a business owner resident in Brazil, you can apply for protection of your designs in any of the 96 countries covered by the Hague System by filing just one international application.

In order to ensure that the international procedures of the Hague System accommodates Brazil’s own national procedures, the following requirements apply:

  • One design (with up to 20 variants) can be included per application
  • Indication of the creator of the design is mandatory
  • Postponement of publication will not be possible
  • A design protection can be granted for a maximum of 25 years

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