Kamstrup receives the DI Award 2022

Every year, the DI Award is presented to a DI member company that has made a difference in an area that is relevant for today’s society. This year the focus was on climate measures. At DI’s Summit on 27 September 2022, Kamstrup A/S received the award for their unique water meter, which can effectively identify ruptures on water pipes and reduce waste.

Worldwide, large amounts of drinking water are wasted due to leaks in the water supply network. Such a leak can be difficult to find, but Kamstrup’s solution makes it possible to quickly identify the leak.

Kamstrup’s water meters can measure acoustic noise and thus “listen” to the water pipe and send data via the wireless reading network to the utility company. With this, abnormal noises from a leak in the pipe system can be remotely identified and quickly localized. This way you can both save a lot of resources and valuable time – and therefore valuable drinking water that would otherwise be lost.

At Plougmann Vingtoft, we are proud to have been a part of assisting Kamstrup A/S and their effort to reduce water waste. Congratulations to Kamstrup on the award.  

Source: DI – Dansk Industri