WTR recommends Plougmann Vingtoft

World Trademark Review (WTR) has published the results for the 11th edition of their rankings of top trademark professionals. Once again, Plougmann Vingtoft is on the list – and this year a new profile has been added to the list of recommended individuals at the firm.

World Trademark Review conducts interviews with hundreds of IP professionals, industry leaders and trademark proprietors. Further, they overlook participating firms’ annual results.

In other words, the WTR rankings are based directly on feedback from professionals operating in the industry, which make the mentions and recommendations even more encouraging. 

WTR states that Plougmann Vingtoft “has made a name for itself through meticulously drafted applications, thoughtful portfolio management and polished performances at the EUIPO.”

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A wonderful group of responsive, skillful and well-organised professionals works out of Plougmann Vingtoft

World Trademark Review

Along with the pronounced acknowledgement of the firm, special credit falls upon Ellen Breddam (Head of Trademarks) and Henriette V. Rasch (Attorney-at-Law), who are both listed as recommended individuals.

The magazine writes the following about the two trademark professionals:

Ellen Breddam is extremely intelligent as well as pragmatic, which is a winning combination for the complex portfolios she handles. She has an intimate understanding of the law, communicates efficiently and is a delightful person with an excellent sense of humour […]

Joining her this year is Henriette Rasch a perceptive strategist who helps brands avoid future conflicts through smart registrations

World Trademark Review

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