IPR pit stop

Business development for technology-driven start-ups

For technology-driven start-ups, business development goes hand in hand with IPR strategy, and Plougmann Vingtoft’s consultants are experts in merging the two. Our IPR pit stop is a great starting point for firms that are ready to boost their business case and discuss market entry strategy.

Who are we?

Plougmann Vingtoft is one of Scandinavia’s leading consulting firms, when it comes to strategic consulting, managing, protecting, and commercialising intellectual property rights (IPR). We have a comprehensive network of business partners and agents around the globe, which allows favourable innovation partnerships for technology-driven start-ups.

Each consultant contributes with specialist knowledge and technical expertise within technology, software, or life science. Their common goal is to merge business strategy with product development and IPR and ensure these all go together.

Selected services

  • Commercial evaluation of ideas and/or prototypes.
  • Market insights and the first breakthrough.
  • Consulting with a focus on development from start-up to SME.
  • Help in creating an attractive business case for investors.
  • Competitor analysis (Who are they? What are their strengths?).
  • Strategic consulting incl. IPR licensing options.
  • Mapping of present inventions and insights into technical details described in patent databases (as a means for idea development and innovation).
  • Securing of IP rights (patents, trademarks & design registrations).

What does an IPR pit stop include?

An IPR pit stop includes a kick-off meeting and a follow-up session in which we will assess your business plan and significant issues that a technology-based start-up should be able to address. We will discuss:

  • Market foundation and industry-specific entry barriers.
  • Understanding of competitors’ ways of doing business– for inspiration and strategy.
  • How to secure investors by making your start-up an attractive business case.
  • Technological development now and in the coming years.
  • The need to secure IP rights or enter business agreements.