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Plougmann Vingtoft’s trademark team achieves great recognition

Managing Intellectual Property, (MIP), has recognized our trademark team in the highest category Tier 1 within trademark protection […]

IPR should be top of mind for any venture

More companies should be attentive to the difference IPR hold as a beneficial commercial tool used to increase the company’s value […]

How to protect your brand on social media

How do you, as the owner of a trademark, ensure that your rights are not used in unfortunate contexts on social media? Read more […]

Winner of IP Matters 2022: Yuman will develop the future assistant for nurses

One of the recipients of our startup donation 2022, IP Matters, is Yuman, which develops assistant robots to assist nurses. Read more […]

Winner of IP Matters 2022: GlyProVac’s technology will create a more efficient vaccine production

GlyProVac has invented a method that could improve the effectiveness of vaccines worldwide. They received our IP Matters donation 2022 […]

The year 2022 at Plougmann Vingtoft

Now that the year is ending, it is time to look back at some of the moments that defined 2022 at Plougmann Vingtoft […]

How to use customs surveillance in your IPR strategy

In this article, you can find out why customs surveillance might be useful as part of your IPR strategy. Read more […]

Robotto has been awarded the IP Matters donation for their ground-breaking drone technology

With innovative technology, the AI ​​company Robotto can quickly identify forest fires for the benefit of the climate […]

FIBERBINDER: Patent strengthens the future competitiveness

A Danish start-up company has developed a new ground-breaking product which will handle the big problems, that asbestos creates […]

What is all the talk about non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?

In this article, our Head of Trademarks, Ellen Breddam, talks about whether NTFs will be important in the future – or a one day wonder […]