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10 common words you don’t know are registered trademarks

We rarely think about whether a word or a combination of words actually belongs to a particular company […]

VPCIR Biosciences will fight against tuberculosis with groundbreaking diagnostics technology

The Danish biotech startup company, VPCIR Biosciences, has developed a new, non-invasive weapon to fight tuberculosis. Read more […]

Meat Tomorrow is brewing meat in steel tanks

Meat Tomorrow has developed a technology using stem cells from live animals to produce large quantities of meat in steel tanks […]

Yngvik turns food waste into home-compostable plastic

Yngvik has developed water-soluble plastic created from food waste and was awarded Plougmann Vingtoft’s IP Matters donation in 2023 […]

An eventful year at Plougmann Vingtoft

Another year is coming to an end, and so it is time to look back at some of the moments that defined 2023 at Plougmann Vingtoft […]

8 tips regarding strategic domain names

Today, competition takes place largely on the internet. Therefore it is essential for your company to profile itself digitally […]

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How to protect your trademark against dilution

It is important that you actively decide to protect your trademark and secure the position of your trademark on the market. Read more […]

Avoid counterfeit brands and pirated products online

Bad pirated products damage your brand’s goodwill, but there are several steps you can take as a company to restrain counterfeiting […]

Plougmann Vingtoft’s trademark team achieves great recognition

Managing Intellectual Property, (MIP), has recognized our trademark team in the highest category Tier 1 within trademark protection […]

IPR should be top of mind for any venture

More companies should be attentive to the difference IPR hold as a beneficial commercial tool used to increase the company’s value […]