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3 misconceptions about IPR that cause investors to lose interest

In this article, investor Sune Alstrup talks about which statements about IPR that makes him turn his thumb down when startups pitch to him. Read more […]

How to enforce your IP rights without filing a lawsuit

Infringements of design and trademark rights do not necessarily have to result in an expensive lawsuit. Read more […]

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Many Startups Forget about Patenting

Only a few Danish startups are aware of protecting their innovative ideas. But forgetting IP protection can have major consequences […]

Plougmann Vingtoft joins gender diversity pledge

Plougmann Vingtoft signs DI’s Gender Diversity Pledge and commit to working actively towards creating a greater gender diversity […]

Plougmann Vingtoft strengthens Danish universities by teaching IPR

Many of Plougmann Vingtoft’s experts teach IPR at universities. Meet Else Lawrence, who explains why early knowledge of IPR is essential.

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Patent attorney Anette Hegner guests EPO podcast

Anette Hegner guests EPO’s podcast Talk Innovation for a discussion on the latest updates to EPO guidelines. Click here to listen […]

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Is your idea commercializable? This is how you can find out

The most successful ideas solve a need in the market. But how do you know if that’s the case with your idea? Learn more here […]

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This is why you should register your designs

Registered design protection is an easy and straightforward way to avoid copycats and make financial returns on your ideas. Read about the three best reasons for you to get started right away.

China strikes back

Thinking of filing a trademark in China? Then there are a few crucial differences you should be aware of. Get the overview here […]

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EUIPO ups its anti-counterfeiting efforts online

The EUIPO now puts anti-counterfeiting on the agenda with a new list of IP protection tools on e-commerce platforms. Read more […]