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If a company specializes on specific products or technologies it should have a patent strategy. A strategically well-written patent serves as the basis for the company’s strategy and is often a condition for attaining the interest of investors and thereby developing a successful business.

Patents help the company protect its inventions, new developments and ideas against copying. Investors also look for patents as one of the first things when they have to decide whether they wish to invest in a company in order to develop and market a product.

It is important that the patent application is written in a way which ensures that it meets the patent requirements in order to obtain issuance of the patent. But it is equally important that the patent application is arranged in a strategically well-considered way so that it also creates operational, tactical and commercial advantages for the company.


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Plougman Vingtoft gives advice to both large, multinational companies, small and medium-sized companies, innovative entrepreneurs and start-up companies concerning patents and patent rights. If you are interested in hearing more about what we can do for your company, you should contact us by using the form below. We will of course deal with your inquiry on a confidential basis.

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Patent consulting by industry specialists

At Plougman Vingtoft we work in industry-specific teams with specialists within each their technical area. This means that our consultants have the best starting point for understanding your unique product and the underlying technology of your patent.

Are you in control of your patents and IP rights?

Irrespective of whether you have a large or a small company, it is extremely important that the patent strategy is laid down right from the beginning of the development of an idea. Unfortunately, we often experience that companies – new entrepreneurs as well as large companies – overlook the importance of being in control of the rights to their products and technologies.

Most companies understand the importance of having a carefully prepared sales and marketing strategy, a well-considered distribution plan etc. The main focus is usually towards introducing the product or the invention on the market, and therefore you overlook the importance of patenting the new development. Unfortunately, this means that the protection of the immaterial rights by way of patents, trademarks and design protection (IPR) is only considered too late in the process, or in the worst case only after the invention has been copied. This might result in a huge loss.

Avoid wasting precious time

If you are not able to manage your rights, all the hours spent on research and development might in other words be wasted. Someone else might already have been granted a patent on the product or technology, you have invested time and money in developing, and this might have a catastrophic influence on the company.


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