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Patents allow you to protect your inventions, developments and ideas, attract investors and avoid wasting countless hours on the research and development of a product or technology that your competitors have already patented.

We provide patent consultancy services for large multinational corporations as well as for innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups. Our experts guide you safely through the entire patenting process from the preliminary research to the prosecution of you application.

Patent consulting by industry specialists

Our teams specialize in specific industries, and our experienced consultants have in-depth knowledge of their technical area of expertise. This specialist knowledge means that we quickly understand your unique product and the technology behind your invention.

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Do you have your patents and IP rights under control?

Too many companies – start-ups as well as large corporations – underestimate the importance of securing their rights to products and technologies.

Most companies are well aware that they need a clear sales and marketing strategy, a plan for the distribution of the product etc. They focus on launching the product or the invention and overlook the importance of patenting the development.

Often, securing the intellectual property rights in the form of patents, trademarks and IPR is not a top priority and is added too late in the process – sometimes not until the invention has already been copied. And that is costly.

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Avoid wasting precious time

If you do not secure your rights, the countless hours spent researching and developing might easily be wasted. Your competitors may already have patented the product or technology in which you have invested time and money, and that can have catastrophic consequences for your company.

We can help you conduct preliminary research to determine your freedom to operate, draft your patent application and help you make your patents an integral part of your overall strategy to increase your competitive advantage.

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