If a company specializes in specific products or technologies, it should have a patent strategy. Well-written patents serve as the basis for the company’s research and development, and is often a prerequisite for a successful business.

Patents help a company protect its inventions, new developments and ideas against copycats.

Further, investors ask about patents as one of the first things when they have to decide whether to invest in a company to help develop and market a product.

Are your patents in place?

Most companies understand the importance of having a carefully prepared marketing strategy, a distribution plan etc. However, they tend to focus their efforts on introducing an idea or product on the market and neglect due care.

Unfortunately, this often means that they start considering protecting their immaterial rights by way of patents, trademarks and design protection too late in the process.

However, a patent strategy is important regardless of company size – and the sooner you establish it the better.

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