Big or small business? With Plougmann Vingtoft as your sparring partner, you will get a team of some of the most experienced and competent trademark attorneys in the industry to help you with your trademark registration.

Strong trademarks have great commercial value. In the competitive global market, where businesses fight for exposure and market shares, a strong trademark is a significantly valuable asset regardless of whether you run a big or a small business.

Plougmann Vingtoft’s attorneys can assist you in all aspects of the trademarking process, from the preliminary examination and assessment of your application, registration of your trademark and development of a strategy to the ongoing legal guidance after the registration.

Do you want to know more about how we can help with your trademark registration? Please contact us for a talk with one of our attorneys:

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  • The inquiry is non-committal and free of charge.
  • If you wish to talk further, we will offer you a meeting, which is also free and non-committal.
  • Naturally, we will treat your inquiry and your case confidentially.

Continue reading this page, if you want to know how we can help with trademark registration and consultancy.

Yes please, I would like to spend ten minutes talking to an attorney and hear how Plougmann Vinftoft can help me protect my trademark.

Trademark Protection Strengthens your Brand

If your trademark is not protected against copying, it will be a difficult challenge to position yourself in the market. With a registration of your company name, logo, domain name, product name etc., you achieve better opportunities to differentiate from your competitors, which makes your brand stronger.

Our attorneys at Plougmann Vingtoft work with many different types of businesses from small start-ups to large companies and multinational enterprises. Our trademark team has deep knowledge into the different markets and are among the most competent experts in their field of work.

Read a couple of case stories about our different clients here:

Conflicts and Commercialization of IPR

Besides providing strategic consultancy throughout the entire trademark process, our trademark team offer legal guidance in case others infringe on your rights.

Further, we provide consultancy on the status of your intellectual property rights, if your company buys a new brand or a business, merge operations or decide to sell off a part of the business with trademarks included.

Our trademark team can also assist as sparring partners, if you wish to commercialize your trademark or if you are in a position to offer licenses.

Yes please, I would like to spend ten minutes talking to an attorney and hear how Plougmann Vinftoft can help me protect my trademark.

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