Are your trademarks safe? With Plougmann Vingtoft as your business partner, you will get access to a team of experienced trademark attorneys, who are used to helping start-ups as well as big corporations secure their rights and ensure a strong market position. 

Strong trademarks have great commercial value. In the competitive global market, where businesses fight for exposure and market shares, a strong trademark is a significantly valuable asset regardless of whether you run a big or a small business.

Plougmann Vingtoft’s attorneys can assist in all aspects of the trademarking process, they can:

  • Evaluate your current market position from an IP point of view
  • Assess your trademark application
  • Register your trademarks
  • Help you develop a trademark strategy
  • Provide ongoing legal consulting after your trademark registration

Trademark protection strengthens your brand

If your trademark is not protected against copycats, it will be a challenge to establish or maintain a good market position. With a registration of your company name, logo, domain name, product name etc., it is easier to differentiate your business from competitors’ and become a recognizable brand.

Further, registered trademarks are a sign that you take your brand seriously and this will increase your chances of attracting investors and external funding for new business projects.

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Plougmann Vingtoft’s experts have vast experience in working with trademarks across different industries. They are always interested in helping new brands and new ideas to market.

See examples of our work with trademarks here:

Feel free to reach out to our experts today, if you need help going forward.

  • Have your situation assessed by a trademark expert
  • The inquiry is non-committal and free of charge
  • Naturally, we will treat your inquiry and your case confidentially.

Conflicts and other IP matters

Besides consulting clients throughout the entire trademark process, our team of experts offer legal guidance in the case that competitors infringe on your IP rights.

Further, we provide consultancy on the status of your intellectual property rights, if your company buys a new brand or a business, merge operations or decide to sell off a part of the business with trademarks included.

Our trademark team can also assist as business partners, if you wish to commercialize your trademark or if you are in a position to offer licenses.

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