3 Reasons to consider trademark protection

Trademark protection can be just as important as marketing, product development, and financial management when setting up a business.

1. Trademark protection attracts investors

Before investing in new companies, investors are likely to ask whether the Intellectual Property Rights are safe. A registered trademark is one type of IPR, which counts as your solid proof of ownership to a brand feature that differentiates your brand from competitors’ brands.
This is valuable for investors as they want to invest in concepts with commercial potential.
If you do not believe enough in your company and its future to protect its trademarks, then why should an investor?

2. Trademark protection can strengthen your market position

In most cases, a brand is a company’s most valuable asset. It is therefore extremely important to secure the sole rights to unique brand features that make your company’s products and services stand out from the rest.
With a trademark registration in hand, you have a confirmation from the trademark authorities saying your trademark is both distinctive and unique.
In addition, if, at some point, you wish to sell your idea or product, a trademark registration strengthens your position during the negotiations.

3. Trademark protection is your upper hand in a potential conflict

Popular trademarks are likely to be copied and/or misused. If your brand has no protection against copycats, it can be a challenge to establish or maintain a good market position.
However, with a strategy in hand for trademark protection, you will have a long-term plan and the right tools to handle possible future infringements.

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