KAMSTRUP: Patents helped innovative specialist grow

The headquarters of the world’s leading producer of system solutions for intelligent energy and heat meters is not located in Germany or Japan, but in the town of Skanderborg in Jutland, Denmark. Among other things, Kamstrup develops ultrasound meters and exports metering solutions worldwide. The enterprise’s success is driven by innovation and a strong focus on protecting their new developments and trademarks.

Patents are a necessary investment

Kamstrup started out as a small specialist producer with a limited number of patents. However, in the course of a few years, the enterprise saw significant growth and is now one of the leading producers of system solutions for intelligent energy and water metering.

The enterprise invests heavily in product development and research. This is crucial to maintaining their leading market position. However, it would be money down the drain, if the enterprise did not protect their inventions, and as a result, they work consciously and proactively with patent applications.

“Working with patents is crucial to Kamstrup. Naturally, we must make sure that we reap the benefits of the enormous amount of time and resources we invest in product development and research. Hence, we hand in up to 20 patent applications annually,” says Frank Petersen, Head of Intellectual Property at Kamstrup.


Growing patent portfolio requires professional administration

Plougmann Vingtoft have been a part of Kamstrup’s growth adventure from the beginning, and with the help of our patent experts, Kamstrup’s patent portfolio has grown steadily in time with the enterprise’s success.

We helped Kamstrup conduct preliminary research in the patent register – there is no point applying for a patent, if a competitor has already patented a similar invention. Plougmann Vingtoft also helped Kamstrup draw up and register patent applications, and today, our patent experts manage the enterprise’s extensive patent portfolio.

“Even when a company handles part of the patenting process in-house, the vast resources required to purchase and maintain the electronic patent administration systems mean that most companies are better off outsourcing the patent administration to experts such as Plougmann Vingtoft,” explains Michael Friis Sørensen, Senior Patent Attorney at Plougmann Vingtoft and patent consultant to Kamstrup. He continues:

“Our consultants continuously keep up to date on the IPR rules in Denmark, the EU and internationally. Things can go very wrong if you are not fully up to speed with the rules, but it is a very complex area for most enterprises to keep track of.”

By outsourcing the patent administration to Plougmann Vingtoft, Kamstrup is guaranteed that an expert is always at hand to manage their patents safely. Should the assigned expert call in sick, we have other, equally qualified staff to take over, ensuring that patent deadlines are met at all times.

Patents have other uses than protecting inventions

Not only do patents ensure that Kamstrup have the sole rights to their inventions for a number of years, allowing them to cash in on their investment. Patents also give the enterprise room to maneuver on the market without being limited by competing patents.

Kamstrup also brows the patent register for inspiration early in the development process. The register provides information on, which products are already on the market and which are on their way, and inspiration for how Kamstrup can improve and develop existing solutions.

If you wish to learn more about how your company can grow through patents, or if you need help with IP administration, contact us for a non-committal talk.

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