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Over time, large enterprises often accumulate vast and complex portfolios of patents and trademarks to protect their rights and commercial interests. Such large IPR portfolios frequently present several challenges in relation to streamlining an overall strategy while maintaining the crucial overview.

Our experts are able to assist your company in devising a coherent IP strategy – from the initial strategic and commercial considerations of a project to the implementation and execution.

Besides strategic IP consultancy, we offer to administer patent portfolios. Our experts manage patent deadlines and expand the portfolio by drafting and filing new patent applications. Our services can be customized for each client and include freedom to operate analysis (FTO), patent mapping, IP administration, surveillance of competitors, oppositions and litigation and more.

In addition to our own wide panel of experts, we collaborate with trusted local agencies worldwide to ensure that the business of our clients is in good hands no matter the preferred market.

We also offer to administer trademark portfolios and our internationally recognized trademark team have years of experience in representing clients from all around the world in the fields of trademarks, designs, copyright, and domain names.

Our trademark team can assist clients in the trademark journey from worldwide searches, applications, oppositions, and registrations. Our team handles applications in both Denmark, Norway, the EU (CTM) and international registrations through the Madrid Protocol (WIPO).

Further, we offer in-house strategic consulting on commercialization, technology transfer, market analysis, and technology driven business development. Consequently, we have vast experience with assisting our clients in bringing new, exciting products to market.

Read the case stories below, and learn more about how we help large enterprises


VESTAS: The rotating Tower of Babel


On a field just outside of Roskilde, there stands a somewhat unusual wind turbine. Where common wind turbines have only one rotor, this turbine has four rotors mounted on a single tower. The project is called ‘Babylon’ and has been developed in a joint effort between the Danish wind turbine giant, Vestas, and researchers from DTU Wind Energy. Plougmann Vingtoft has helped Vestas patent this new, exciting technology.

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NOVOZYMES: A global product and trademark portfolio


Companies with a global presence often have many and varied products to fit the conditions in local markets. Industrial biotech giant Novozymes A/S experiences this first hand as the company’s use of enzymes for laundry detergent differs from continent to continet. Plougmann Vingtoft handles the company’s trademark portfolios, where the diversity of the products really stands out.

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KAMSTRUP: Patents helped innovative specialist grow


Plougmann Vingtoft have been a part of Kamstrup’s growth adventure from the beginning, and with the help of our patent experts, Kamstrup’s patent portfolio has grown steadily in time with the enterprise’s success.

“Even when a company handles part of the patenting process in-house, the vast resources required to purchase …” explains Michael Friis Sørensen, Senior Patent Attorney at Plougmann Vingtoft

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SKYPE: ”Do you want to Skype?”


When they released the beta version of Skype in August 2003, the two founders of Skype, Swedish Niklas Zennström and Danish Janus Friis, did not predict that Skype would become a part of the dictionary. However, they never doubted that they held an exceptionally good idea, which they had to protect in the best possible way.

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BAYER AG: The little pill that makes a world of difference


The birth control pill has played a major role in the liberation of women since the 1960s. In the 1990ies Bayer AG decided to develop a new birth control pill.

This resulted in the Yasmin® pill, which Plougmann Vingtoft helped the pharmaceutical company patent.

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ULSTEIN: A threefold IP strategy



The X-BOW® by Ulstein Group is an award-winning ship’s bow design that enables vessels to cut more smoothly through water in high seas compared to normal ships. The invention is protected by a threefold IPR strategy developed in collaboration with Plougmann Vingtoft.

ULSTEIN has achieved 100 sales of the X-BOW® hull line design.

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