Small or medium-sized enterprises

To many small or medium-sized enterprises, revisiting the company IPR strategy offers the opportunity to gain competitive advantage. Many clients in this segment have a small or no IPR division in-house and are therefore dependent on outsourcing IPR assignments.

Sharing the most valuable resources of a company is a matter of trust. We act as our clients’ trusted advisor and sparring partner in all IPR matters worldwide. We help and advise on matters such as drafting, prosecution, freedom to operate (FTO) analysis, IP administration, licensing, oppositions, litigation, trademark and design registration and much more.

Highly competent in turning our ideas into patents. Always providing timely information about deadlines and a great cooperating partner.


We have the capacity to take full responsibility for our clients’ entire patent or trademark portfolio or simply relieve our clients from bottleneck situations when the workload temporarily gets too heavy. No assignment is too insignificant or too overwhelming for us.

Ultimately, we help our clients generate tangible financial results by defining clear IPR objectives through a creative, flexible and professional process.

Learn more about how we create new knowledge and value for SMEs below.

MAKEEN Energy: Plastcon turns plastic waste into fuel

The Plastcon solution requires neither sorting nor cleaning of the plastic before it is recycled, which is why this solution has massive business potential – and why the firm wants to patent the technology.

“The requirement for sorting of waste has always been a major barrier when working with pyrolysis. But now the barrier is gone,” says Project Manager at MAKEEN Energy, Anders Bjørn.

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LIBRATONE: Conquering the Market of Wireless Sound Systems

Libratone 342x334


The focus on IPR protection has helped Libratone greatly in the process of establishing their brand in an already strong, well-established market, resulting in a significant increase in their competitive power as a business.

The decision to patent their products proved to be…

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LATTEC: Patenting the intelligent milking machine

Lattec 342x334


Lattec currently have contracts for about 16.000 cows using the system, which is protected by a long list of patents. Plougmann Vingtoft has been working with Lattec from the beginning of the development of the Herd Navigator and has charted a direction to ensure full protection of Lattec’s rights to the system.

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PHASE ONE: The center of gravity in your digital camera

PhaseOne 342x334


As you read this, you are probably walking around with an invention by Phase One in your pocket or holding it in your hand. Because it is no other than the Danish camera software and technology company, Phase One, who is behind the technology that makes the pictures on a phone turn the right way. The invention was patented with the help from Plougmann Vingtoft almost 20 years ago, and is used in all smartphones and digital cameras today.

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FREDERIKSDAL: International Trademark Strategy Bears Fruit in China

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Plougmann Vingtoft’s trademark experts advised high-end cherry wine producer Frederiksdal on their trademark strategy, when the company expanded their export to China:

“If companies do not protect their trademarks before trading abroad, especially in China, they run the risk…”

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OBI MEDICAL: Patents and trademarks ensure a favorable market position and financial advantages

To avoid wasting unnecessary resources in launching a product that is already available on the market, OBI Medical invested in a so-called freedom-to-operate analysis

“If you have infringed the patent or trademark of another proprietor, it can cause a substantial financial setback and in a worst case scenario the company may go bankrupt…”

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