Cookie Policy

This cookie policy for Plougmann Vingtoft a/s (hereinafter ”PV”) describes which types of  cookies PV uses in connection with this website (”the Site”), and what is the purpose of using these cookies, how cookies can be declined, and how PV treats personal information which you disclose to us.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file which is saved on your computer when you visit a website, and which e.g. makes it possible to recognize your computer and gather information about your behaviour for statistical and marketing purposes.

It is important to notice that cookies do NOT actively gather personal information which is stored on your computer. For further information about cookies please click here.

How can you administer your cookies?

If you continue to use the Site without clicking anything, you will consent to the cookies which are used on the Site.

It is possible to remove or deactivate cookies from our Site. This can be done by changing the settings in your browser.

Which cookies does PV use and what is the purpose of these cookies?

PV uses cookies in order to gather information for marketing and statistical purposes. The gathered information can e.g. give PV an overview of what topics are being read and searched for most often, the period of time you visit the Site, how long you stay on the Site, and which internet page you came from. By using this information, we can improve the Site.

It is important to emphasize that the information which we gather from cookies is completely anonymous and cannot be traced back to any specified users.

First-part cookies

The Site sets 4 session cookies as first-part cookies which expire when you close the browser. They are all used for statistical purposes. Additionally, we also use 1 first-part continued cookie which is stored for between 30 days and two years.

Third-part cookies

PV also uses 3 third-part cookies which i.a. makes it possible for you to play a video, a cookie which is necessary in connection with our use of GoogleAds, and Google reCAPTCHA, which is a service provided by Google, as a security tool to protect the website from spam and abusive activities. To read more information about Google’s privacy policy, visit

Read more about how to avoid third-part cookies on the Internet here.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions concerning our cookies and our use hereof, please contact us on