IP Matters

At Plougmann Vingtoft, we wish to contribute to sustainable global development. The best way for us to do so is to move innovative solutions forward and make sure that sustainable initiatives turn into good businesses. Therefore, we have introduced an initiative under the name “IP Matters”.

We cannot save the world with IP-consulting. But, we can make sure that the talented, Danish entrepreneurs, who are introducing sustainable solutions, get the support they need to turn their idea into a successful business. That is exactly what they will get from this donation.

Finn Strøm Madsen, CEO at Plougmann Vingtoft

IP Matters is a donation of expert IP-consulting and it is our way of helping Danish start-ups to be successful with their good, sustainable ideas.

Every year through to 2030, we will donate expert IP-consulting worth of DKK 50,000 to the Danish start-up that we consider able to influence one or several of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This will enable a list of start-up firms to make a difference for a sustainable global development.

With the help of the entrepreneurial network Danish Business Angels (DanBAN), we will find a firm with their visions in place. A firm that can make the most of our knowledge of IPR as well as our guidance in business development.

The firm, which receives the IP Matters donation, will have access to a team of handpicked IP experts with specialized academic knowledge within the relevant business area. You can meet our our experts here.

Apply before 31 August 2024

It is not required that applicants are members of DanBAN. We accept applications from all start-ups who fit the following requirements:

  • Danish start-up
  • Received funding with minimum DKK 250,000,- (BA equity/loan)
  • Product/solution with direct impact on one or more of UN’s 17 Global Goals

NB: We assess that our expertise is most likely to match solutions within the following global goals; however, all applications are evaluated:

  • #3: Good Health and Well-Being
  • #7: Affordable and Clean Energy
  • #9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • #12: Responsible Production and Consumption
  • #14: Life Below Water


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Apply for IP Matter - Plougmann Vingtoft’s annual startup donation

Deadline for applications: 31 August 2024
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Winners of IP Matters from previous years

Winner of IP Matters 2023 (1/5)


Yngvik is working to reduce the world’s consumption of plastic and has developed a home compostable and degradable plastic made from food waste.

Winner of IP Matters 2023 (3/5)

Meat Tomorrow

Meat Tomorrow is developing a method to cultivate sustainable pork using a new stem cell technology in steel tanks, so that CO2 emissions can be reduced, and no animals are harmed.

Winner of IP Matters 2023 (2/5)

Sylvia Health

Sylvia Health works to improve the lives of women with pelvic organ prolapse – a condition that is often overlooked and affects millions of women worldwide.

Winner of IP Matters 2023 (4/5)

Rheia Medical

Rheia Medical is working on developing a new medical device that will help surgeons identify and visualise the ureters during pelvic surgery.

Winner of IP Matters 2023 (5/5)

VPCIR Biosciences

VPCIR Biosciences has developed a high-quality Lateral Flow test that makes the detection of Tuberculosis easy, accessible, and affordable.

Winner of IP Matters 2022 (1/4)


The AI company Robotto has developed an algorithm that, via drones, e.g. can identify forest fires and send data back to emergency services on the ground.

Winner of IP Matters 2022 (2/4)


GlyProVac is a deep tech biotech company working to develop novel protein vaccine candidates targeting bacterial infections.

Winner of IP Matters 2022 (3/4)


Yuman works on developing future robots that can act as nurses’ assistants by facilitating the transport of food, bedding and medical equipment.

Winner of IP Matters 2022 (4/4)


Alcolase wants to help the many millions of people who suffer from ‘alcohol flush’ and experience symptoms ranging from facial redness to an increased risk of cancer when consuming alcohol.

Winner of IP Matters 2021:

Uvisa Health

The Danish FemTech start-up Uvisa Health is trying to change the way we treat vaginal infections in women.

Winner of IP Matters 2020:

Lifeline Robotics

The journey for Lifeline Robotics started in 2020 when the world’s first automatic swab robot was launched by a team of researchers at the University of Southern Denmark.

Winner of IP Matters 2019:


Cellugy has made a breakthrough in solving the problem of extensive use of plastic in food packaging. Cellugy aim to replace plastic packaging used in all kinds of food products with a bio-based alternative.